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Famous the world over for their unmistakable perfume and unique quality, the lemons of the Amalfi Coast are grown on terracing you will see right along the coast, stretching down almost to sea level.

Local lemons are used to make the famous liqueur by leaving thinly sliced lemon rind to soak in pure alcohol for about 10 days. Then this infusion is mixed with water and sugar: such a simple recipe for such an extraordinary result! You can find the finished product in shops all along the Amalfi Coast, together with other liqueurs made using local products, including Mandarinetto, Meloncino, Finocchietto (from fennel) and Liquirizia.

Strikingly colourful and beautiful, the pottery made in Vietri makes one of the best souvenirs of a holiday on the Amalfi Coast. Whether you choose plates, beakers, bowls, cutlery, lamps or vases, you will find objects of all shapes and sizes. So that no matter how far away you live, your house will always be full of the cheering luminosity of the Amalfi Coast.

While you are here don’t forget to find time to linger in the square in front of the cathedral in Amalfi, where you will find the historic caffè Pansa. It is one of the most important family firms in Italy, where many of the products are made according to traditional recipes. The quality and variety of the products are of the highest order. Elsewhere along the Coast, in Minori, you can find the pasticceria De Riso, displaying an incredible variety of cakes invented in recent years. Some, like the one made of “ricotta and pear” or the “delizia al limone”, have become classics of the Italian art of cake making. Last year De Riso carried off the award for the best “pasticciere” in Italy.

Agerola, set high above the Amalfi Coast, maintains a long tradition of producing mozzarella and pork products to the highest standards, using locally grown stock. The mozzarella and caciotta made by Nacluerio from the milk of his own cows and Cuomo’s meat and salami are specialities to look out for.

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